When your computer slows down, that means it is time to replace, right? Not necessarily. After all, you don’t replace your car every time there’s a problem. Sometimes all you need is a good tune-up in your local repair shop!

That’s where OSCS can help. We can troubleshoot your computer to help identify the problem. Breakdowns, slowdowns, glitches — you are better off using OSCS to help get your computer or laptop running like new again.

Understanding the Problem

Most computer-related problems fall under two categories: software problems and hardware problems. Although there are many different possibilities, the good news is that most are common problems that our team at OSCS has seen more than once. Here is what can be done to help:

PC/Laptop Health Check

Computers tend to slow down over time just from normal usage. This is for many reasons including outdated operating systems, unused software, and disorganized hard drives. Virus and malware attacks can also affect the speed of your computer, running in the background and taking up valuable resources.

Our health check can help to update the software you use, removing the software you don’t, scanning your system for viruses, streamlining your computer data, and ensuring your data is being backed up properly. We charge £75 for a Health Check and normally need your computer for two to three days.

Hardware Upgrades and Repairs

Hardware faults come in all shapes and sizes. Computers are like any other appliance — they can wear out over time. Dust and damage are common culprits. A scratched or run-down hard drive, for example, can dramatically reduce your computer’s performance. Sometimes though all you need is a good cleaning in a non-static environment to prevent slowdowns due to overheating. Our common repairs include: impact damage from drops or falls such as broken hinges, cracked LCDs, cracked bezels as well as faulty speakers, blocked fans/ heatsink, damaged USB ports & missing keys.

At One Stop Computer Store, we believe that a little bit of care and attention can really help to extend the lifespan of your computer. That’s better for the environment and saves you money, good idea, right?