computer upgrades
and repair

At One Stop Computer Store, we believe that a little bit of care and attention
can really help to extend the lifespan of your computer. That’s better for the
environment and saves you money, good idea, right?


From time to time, we can come down with a sickness, and sometimes, so do our computers. We are here to nurse your machine back to health so it’s fighting fit and ready to resume normal service!

Our health check is our most popular repair, helping to keep the computers of Sussex ticking over and keep our customers happy.

So if your computer is running unusually loud, slow or hot, then it’s a good time for a Health Check! We charge £79 for a Health Check and normally need your computer for two to three days.

Our comprehensive check of your system covers the following:

Virus removal

Temporary files removed

Windows registry checked

Startup options checked

Hard disk checked

Memory and CPU checked

Temperature check

Heatsink/ fans clearing

Screen and keyboard cleaned

Upgrade advice

Malware & Adware removal

Browser hijacker removal


Hardware faults come in all shapes and sizes. Whether your laptop keys have been eaten by your pet parrot, had the last glass of red wine or has recently made its way to the floor with a bang, we’ve seen it all!  We can fix a variety of problems on your laptop, desktop PC or Mac, that’s all covered by our hardware repair service.

Our common repairs include: impact damage from drops or falls such as broken hinges, cracked LCDs , cracked bezels as well as faulty speakers, blocked fans/ heatsink, damaged USB ports & missing keys.


If your computer is slow or you need more oomph out of your machine, we encourage our customers to consider ‘repair and upgrade’ where possible. This can be often be an affordable and practical solution, where you get the extra speed and reliability you want and keep your precious data too!

Our most common speed boosts and upgrades include RAM and SSD (Solid State Drive) upgrades. We feel that Solid State Drives are possibly the most cost effective way of speeding up your PC or laptop.

Why bother with SSD’s?… Here’s a few reasons:
– A data transfer rate of up to ten times faster!
– Boot up speeds, program loading and general usage become vastly improved
– No moving parts – less to get damaged, particularly for laptops on the move!
– Improved battery life/ power usage