Since 2008, we’ve grown into two established stores in Upper Beeding
and Billingshurst, West Sussex. We continue to strive for great customer service,
honest advice and value for money.



We rely on technology more today than ever before, so it’s important to keep it in tip top condition. Much like the car you drive to work in, your computer is an essential part of life and has to undergo maintenance and repairs to keep it running. We’re here to keep your tech going so you can keep going!

We believe it’s wise to carry out a health check once a year to ensure the maximum life for your desktop or laptop. Arguably, your computer is the most important tools in the household or workplace, which is why we try and keep our turnaround times as fast as possible!

When booking in, please also bring the power supply with a laptop, but for a desktop we only need the PC without any cables.


The rate at which technology changes can be confusing. Fear not, we are here to help guide you through these changes and keep you connected.

We provide support for your computer whether it’s cutting edge technology or a faithful old workhorse. We believe in REPAIRING instead of REPLACING wherever possible.

Sometimes of course, it may not be feasible to repair it which is why we keep a stock of refurbished and new computers.


Since the dawn of computing, the risk of cybersecurity has always been there. Now that we do our banking, our personal communication and many facets of our life using the internet, it’s more important than ever to keep yourself safe.

Security measures can include; secure passwords, encrypted folders, encrypted hardware (such as your hard drive), anti-virus software, secure data disposal, firewalls and much more.

This may sound confusing but we are here to help you understand how to keep yourself safe. We can help to install anti-virus software to keep you safe, we provide a ‘health-check’ where we purge your computer of unwanted Popups, Viruses, Malware, Ransomware and Trojans.


We think we offer a great service, but don’t take our word for it! Here’s what some of our customers have to say about our computer repair service.

“I cannot praise these guys highly enough…they were incredibly helpful and had the knowledge to remedy the situation. Their pricing was really good as well. Other firms had given up on this computer so I would thoroughly recommend them”

Colin Bishop

“I took my laptop to the store as it was noisy and overheating. I was quoted a likely price of £70 to fix and a turnaround time of 3 days. I was impressed to have a call the next day to say the work had been done and the cost would only be £45. Would recommend these guys to all for great customer service and
cheap too!”

Phil Tolley

I will only take my laptop and friends laptops here. Great service and fast service.
The guys here always go out of their way to help out and give great advice. Keep up the brilliant work”

Julie Gardner-stanbridge

solving problems, big or small.

It’s been a long journey and during that time we’ve always strived to maintain the same quality service. Thousands of computers repaired and solutions provided for the people of Sussex. And yes, we do love a brew.




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